Softbyte Infotech

Softbyte Infotech Hosting & Website terms and conditions

Last Updated:1/10/2024

1. Hosting Arrangements

For customers availing our hosting services, please note that Softbyte Infotech utilizes cloud server space from a third-party hosting provider, such as Hostinger. We want to make it clear that we are not reselling or providing any ownership of hosting resources. Instead, we share our server space to facilitate the hosting of your website.

2. Affiliate System

It’s important to highlight that the hosting arrangement for this specific plan is distinct from our affiliate system with Hostinger. We do not resell hosting services under this plan, and any hosting-related concerns should be directed to our support team.

3. Server Space Allocation

Customers opting for hosting services with Softbyte Infotech will receive allocated server space for their website. This allocation is subject to the terms and conditions set by our hosting provider, and users are expected to adhere to those terms for a smooth hosting experience.

4. Data Security

While we take measures to ensure the security of hosted data, customers are encouraged to maintain regular backups of their website content. Softbyte Infotech is not liable for any loss of data or disruptions in service.

5. Hosting Support

Our support team is available to assist with hosting-related queries and issues. For prompt assistance, please contact us at

6. Agreement Continuity

This hosting agreement is an extension of our general terms and conditions. By availing hosting services from Softbyte Infotech, customers agree to comply with both the general terms and these additional hosting-specific terms.

Thank you for choosing Softbyte Infotech for your hosting needs. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team. Softbyte Infotech with your privacy.